Would You Tweet Your Weight?


Last week Msnbc’s Mika Brzezinski tweeted about her weight, which made headlines and sparked big conversation on the Today Show.

There are many triggers for body preoccupation and negative body image in our daily lives, one of the most compelling being that few of us can ever comfortably achieve and maintain the type of body promoted as ideal, most women would rather reveal their age than their weight. Focusing on our bodies in a negative way, can provide a distraction from other struggles in our lives, difficult feelings that we don’t know how to handle and problems for which there are no simple solutions.  So we may unconsciously shift our focus to fixing our bodies.

But here’s the thing: every time we displace distress onto our bodies and then try to “fix” them, we enter into a process that has the potential to disrupt our relationship with eating and body image; we also shut down any possibility of getting real perspective, mastery and peace in our lives.  With genetics playing the largest role in how tall you are and what your body shape is, I think it’s unnecessary to try to create any illusions of what your body isn’t meant to be. – Peter Lamas