Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!

Diana Swim/winner Post


Wow!  Winners never quit and quitters never win!   This is the example that Diana Nyad set out to achieve as one of her goals in swimming the hundred miles from Cuba to the United States.  Diana is so inspiring to me, as throughout my own life, I’ve believed in, lived, and taught my children, and myself for that matter,  the philosophy of “reach for the stars, the worst that can happen is you land on the moon.”  I fully believe in living this philosophy to achieve your dreams and goals, and as such this remarkable story that we’ve witnessed in Diana is a wonderous example of this belief into action.  One thing that struck me is her comment about being aware that every day of your life counts. I feel when you begin each day as a new discovery, you will never grow old, you will just grow.

I’m also impressed with how gracious Diana is; recognizing the fact that the accomplishment was not just about her, but about her team.  This is so important in life, and too often, we as human beings lose sight of this, and either don’t reach out for support from others when we need it and they woudl probably be happy to offer it, or we are blinded by our ego.  I feel that success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.

I’ve employed this philosophy throghout my life, in my family, in my career, in achieving personal and business pursuits, and I encourage everyone to consider this wonderful approach to life.

Peter Lamas

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